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floral design
urban blossom an decor
Robin Moody Danville

Event Rentals and Floral Design

At Urban Blossom and Décor we have taken a personal touch in helping you find and rent those unique iconic furnishings, accessories and mis-matched vintage china to make your event as individual as you!

At Urban Blossom and Décor we also provide personalized floral design, detailed to suit your special occasion.

With a background of corporate design, decorating and hospitality, my passion evolved into a business that provides unique, cool “one-of-a-kind” rental vintage furnishings and accessories. I also found that it doesn’t hurt to have a husband with a “keen eye” who loves the hunt for special vintage items, as much as I do!

We enjoy the excitement of new acquisitions and being able to share them with you. So, if you don’t see what you are looking for on our site, just ask! We are constantly searching for special items.

The concept of our work has always been based on a perspective of “simple elegance.” It is a timeless style that can be customized for you. I would be honored to assist you in making your next event effortless, yet extraordinary.

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